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Anti-TERFS button / Trans rights button

Anti-TERFS button / Trans rights button

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Trans-exclusionary radical feminists are a subgroup of radical feminism characterized by transphobia, especially transmisogyny. They believe that the only "real women" are those born with a vagina and XX chromosomes. They wish to completely enforce the classic gender binary, supporting gender essentialism. Needless to say, TERFS are oppressive and should not be tolerated in feminist spaces. They condone Trans erasure, misgender and make fun of trans people and often advocate for violence against them.

This is for one pinned back button, magnet or pocket mirror.

Reminder: You only pay for shipping once and it's fairly expensive (if shipped outside Canada) because I ship all my packages in a padded envelope to ensure that the buttons arrive to you safely. But you can add several items from my shop and shipping cost is the same!


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