Radical Buttons started as just an idea in early 2015. I found out that a local bookstore had a button press to rent and I thought to myself, why not make some buttons and see if my friends like them? I also found it difficult to find social-justice themed buttons, and wanted to design and make some for myself.

The journey started with 50 buttons made from designs I had found on the internet. I donated most of them away to a local bookstore, and also kept a few. I soon started coming up with my own designs, and got a great response from the people around me.

In June 2015, I created a Facebook page for Radical Buttons, and in September of that year I launched a shop on Etsy. It took me a month to get my first sale, and in the beginning I only had a few items listed. In the next month or so, I worked hard on creating new designs and improving my shop, and started getting more sales!

In addition to selling my buttons online, from which part of the proceeds go to local radical organizations that seek to empower marginalized groups and promote social justice, I also participate in local events to raise funds for social justice causes.

Radical Buttons