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Fuck gender roles iron-on patch

Fuck gender roles iron-on patch

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"Fuck gender roles" patch

Because gender roles are bullshit

This iron-on patch measures 3" by 2.5" (inches) ❤️

How to use:

1. Place the patch on a clean surface and press firmly on all edges

2. To remove simply peel the patch from the surface and save it for later use (limited repeat use depending on fabric)

3. For a longer lasting bond on fabrics, iron-on your patch with a cloth over it or apply heat from hair dryer, allow to cool and then press firmly. Seeing recommended for a more permanent application.

Reminder: You only pay for shipping once and it's fairly expensive (if shipped outside Canada) because I ship all my packages in a padded envelope to ensure that the buttons arrive to you safely. But you can add several items from my shop and shipping cost is the same!


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