Talk to plants not cops decal
Talk to plants not cops decal Talk to plants not cops decal

Talk to plants not cops

This decal is weatherproof.

◦ Application instructions will be enclosed in the package.

◦ This decal does not have a background.

◦ For best results, the application surface should be smooth and clean

◦ Material: Vinyl

◦ Measurements: approximately 4.5” by 4.5”

What you will receive:

  One decal 

  Decals come with transfer tape


1. Prepare the surface by cleaning it so that it is free of dust and dirt.

2. Lift the paper backing away from the transparent tape , making sure that the decal remains attached to the tape. 

3. Throw out the paper backing.

4. Hold the vinyl with both hands slightly above the surface and press one side down firmly, continue working from that point across the vinyl by massaging the vinyl onto the surface making sure that air bubbles aren't trapped as you move along. A credit card can help smooth down the decal and remove bubbles.


5. When all bubbles have been removed, slowly and carefully peel off transfer tape (making sure the letters stay on the surface), leaving your decal in place.